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MTGV Constitution

23rd June 1989, Revised 16 March 2019

Download the current Constitution for the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Inc

Our History

Bruce McBrien OAM

Our Life Members

Bruce McBrien OAM (Dec), Val Pagram OAM (Dec), David Richards (Dec), Phil A’Vard AM, Bettine McCaughan OAM (Dec), Laurie Gellon, Peter Dale, Eileen Hattam, Elis Ebell, Graeme Cope, Judith Bradtke, Darrell Boyd, Horrie Leek, Marie Cumisky (Dec), Lyn Handy, Fran Boyd, Brenton Staples, David Dare, Wendy Tomkins, John Wallis, Alan Stone, Brett Wingfield, Frank Simcox, Mary-Ellen Wallace-Smith, Beverley Meldrum, Dot Parker, Bev Woodford, David Crawshaw, Brad Fischer, Carole Cuthbertson, Elly Foster, Ann Hubbard

Committee of Management 2022

PresidentAng Cuy
Vice PresidentElly Foster
SecretaryMark Spencer
TreasurerLeah Osburn
CommitteeDamien Calvert
CommitteeCarole Cuthbertson
CommitteeDavid Crawshaw
CommitteeCollin Morely

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