Response And Resources – COVID-19

Dear Guild Members

In light of the current and fast-changing scenario we find ourselves in with navigating responses to the COVID-19 situation, I’m so pleased to see our community reaching out and communicating with each other and us.

I’m heartbroken to see the impact that the imminent ban on large public gatherings is having on a number of our members, particularly those that are so close to their planned show seasons.

Yesterday, the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria reached out to MTI, Hal Leonard & Origin Theatrical, to request that they follow the lead of Broadway Licencing in the USA, which has granted permission to some companies to live-stream productions to ticket holders.

It’s my hope that we will see a positive response to this request. I know it will not alleviate all of the problems associated with cancellations and postponements, but if it relieves even a small amount of the financial burden it’s worth investigating.

We will of course keep you apprised of any updates, and in the meantime if any of you are looking for some great resources to help you draft communications to your members and ticket holders, might I recommend checking out and their COVID-19 Pandemic Resources for organisations and non-profits. There are some great templates there for communicating with your communities as well risk assessments and business continuity plans.  

Any companies who need to cancel or postpone performances that were submitted for judging, please advise Mitch asap ([email protected]), and any new details can be shared by simply completing a new form. Please continue to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions during this time.

Ang Cuy
President – Music Theatre Guild of Victoria