COVID-19: Update in regards to Judging

Dear Guild Members

In light of yesterday’s announcements from the Australian Government regarding the COVID-19 situation and increased restrictions on indoor gatherings, we know that even more of you have had to postpone or cancel your planned show seasons. For some of you this has even meant closing down mid-season, and my heart goes out to your cast, crew and creatives.

I want to say thank you to our judges, who have been so patient and flexible, rolling with the ever-changing information that they are working with.

For clarity around judging of shows in the current circumstances;

  1. If your production has the potential to bring together more than 100 people indoors (taking into account audience, cast and crew) MTGV judges will not be able to attend
  2. If your production will bring together less than 100 people indoors (taking into account audience, cast and crew) it will be up to each MTGV judge’s personal level of comfort as to whether they attend. If we are unable to have the minimum number of judges attend, your show will not be able to be judged.
  3. If you have made arrangements to provide a live-stream of your show (must be live streaming correctly set-up for purpose) judges will be able to attend online.

Regardless of whether you are cancelling, postponing or live-streaming, please be sure to get in touch with Mitch asap, and update your show details via the online form, so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you and judges asap.

Thank you all so much for your patience, your resilience and your kindness during these unprecedented times, please continue to reach out with questions or suggestions.


Ang Cuy
President – Music Theatre Guild of Victoria