Performing Company Guidelines


  • A Company that is a member company of the Music Theatre Guild and is being judged may be invited to perform at the annual Bruce Awards Night by the Judging Panel.
  • Contact will be made by Chairperson of Judging Panel and a number or numbers will usually be suggested at that time.
  • Companies are asked to confirm within a short period of time and mutual agreement is made as to number to be performed.
  • The Guild Bruce Awards are held in different venues each year and can be held in regional theatres as well as metropolitan theatres.
  • Companies wherever possible are asked to copy orchestrations with any notes or changes to bars etc. Please shrink to fit on page so that bar numbers etc are not lost.
  • A copy should be retained by company and another returned to Rights holder in the case of Hal Leonard and Origin Theatrical with music books. Not having done this does not exclude companies from performing. A copy of music from overseas rights holders should be retained by company.
  • Music required on the night of performance and rehearsal is rented from Rights Holders by the Music Theatre Guild for the event. If copy is returned to Hal Leonard or Origin Theatrical this will be returned to the Guild for use.
  • Companies agreeing to perform will receive a Company Performance Confirmation Form to be completed and returned to Production Manger as requested.
  • The Music Theatre Guild appoints a Production Manager and Production Team to oversee the night’s program and performance. They will co-ordinate and oversee the performance on the night on behalf of the guild.
  • Companies are asked to appoint a Company Liaison person who will be responsible for co-ordinating company performance on behalf of company.
  • A compulsory rehearsal is held in the host town for the purpose of rehearsing with the orchestra for the evening. This rehearsal is held two weeks prior to the Bruce Awards on the Sunday. At this rehearsal a time is allocated to each item, it is possible to be flexible with the order of items if early notification is given to the Production Co-ordinator.
  • Production Teams from original item are very welcome to attend rehearsals of the item.
  • Companies are asked to send a Company representative to the rehearsals with performers.
  • Wherever possible companies are asked to send Musical Director or delegate who understands music to assist with tempos etc and help in recreating number for performers as closly as possible to original performance.
  • Companies with dance numbers are asked to send to the rehearsals, if possible the Choreographer or delegate who can ensure the nights Production Team has an understanding of the number and can discuss entrances and space required for number and if required be involved in any modifications that may be required for the number.
  • Costumes can be used for performance but are not a requirement.
  • Props for performance should be kept to a minimum.
  • On the day of the Ceremony a rehearsal is held in the theatre on stage with orchestra. This rehearsal is held in ‘show order’ so that lighting cues, data presentations, and sound requirements can be co-ordinated in the venue.
  • Companies will be allocated Dressing Room space for costumes and minimal props can be left at the venue. Companies are responsible for removing as soon as ceremony ends.
  • Performers are required to purchase a ticket for the night at a special Performers Rate from the Guild. Companies are asked to co-ordinate this with Guild Ticket Secretary. By doing this your company can sit together in allocated seats.
  • The evening is a Guild event and as such all decisions associated with the evening are the responsibility of the Guild Committee.

Please confirm your company participation as part of this years Bruce Awards by completing the form below and confirming you are available on the following dates;

  • Rehearsal and Performance – Saturday 14 Dec 2019 – Compulsory attendance for rehearsal on the day.
  • Companies will be asked to provide video of performance for Production Team.