1988 – Nominations and Recipients

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1988 – Nominations and Recipients



Production of the Year

* 1776, CLOC Musical Theatre

Give My Regards To Broadway, PLOS

Jesus Christ Superstar, Catchment Players

Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre

Grease, Ballarat Light Opera Co

Godspell, Geelong Musical Comedy Co


Director of the Year

* Alan Burrows, 1776, CLOC Musical Theatre

Debbie Fraser, Grease, Ballarat Light Opera Co

Paul Weston, Jesus Chris Superstar,Catchment Players

Howard Dandy,Godspell, Geelong Musical Comedy Co

Anne Peterson-Commons, Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre


Musical Direction

* Ian Morris, Grease, Ballarat Light Opera Company

Brian Clough, Merry Widow, Babirra Players

Jack Risos, Jesus Christ Superstar, Catchment Players

John Haddock, Sound Of Music, Whitehorse

Ken Taylor, 1776, CLOC

Geoff Tomkins, Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre



* Debbie Fraser, Grease, Ballarat Light Opera Company

Lynette Bailey Jesus Christ Superstar, Catchment Players

Anne Peterson-Commons, Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre

Wendy Hodges, No No Nanette, Dandenong Light Opera Co



* Laurie Lane 1776, CLOC Musical Theatre

Chris White. Jesus Christ Superstar, Catchment Players

Peter Nethercote, Grease, Ballarat Light Opera Co

John Burrett, Chicago, Whitehorse



Jesus Christ Superstar, Catchment Players

Merry Widow, Babirra Players

Stingiest Man In Town, Ballarat Light Opera

Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre

1776, CLOC

Give My Regards To Broadway, PLOS



Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre Society

Godspell, Geelong Musical Comedy Co

Jesus Christ Superstar, Catchment Players

Guys and Dolls, PLOS


Technical Achievement

Jesus Christ Superstar, Catchment Players

Godspell, Geelong Musical Comedy Co

Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric

Chicago, Whitehorse

Guys and Dolls, PLOS

1776, CLOC



* Wendy Holgate, Oliver!

Gail Lee, Godspell, Geelong Musical Comedy Co

Lois Moran, Merry Widow, Babirra

Cate McQuillan, Chicago, Whitehorse

Vicki White, Grease, Ballarat Light Opera

Heather Moloney, Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre



* Peter Blizzard-Allen, 1776, CLOC Musical Theatre

Duncan Esler, Godspell, Geelong Musical Comedy Co

Kevin Whitney, Cabaret, Spellbound

Damien Muller, Grease, Ballarat Light Opera

John Lidgerwood, Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre


Supporting Actress

* Darylin Ramondo, Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre Society

Sallie Russell, Gypsy, Steroradio/3BA

Donna Baxter, Guys and Dolls, Williamstown

Clare Andrews, No No Nanette, Dandenong


Supporting Actor

* Rob Constable, 1776, CLOC Musical Theatre

Barry Eeles, Brigadoon, Geelong Lyric Theatre

Ian Grearly, 1776, CLOC

Henry DeGorter, Chicago, Whitehorse

Alex Vasiljevic. 1776, CLOC

Howard Dandy, Jesus Christ Superstar, Geelong


Judges’ Awards

Christine A’Bell

Arch Dyer

Fay Scetrine

Steven Ritchie CLOC

Steven Clark

Donna Plasket

Simone Dean

Suzanne Maartensz


Special Awards

Steven Richie, 1776, CLOC Musical Theatre

Rex Keane, 1776, CLOC Musical Theatre

Terror Australis, Williamstown Light Opera Co

Side By Side By Sondheim, Festival Theatre CO

Stingiest Man In Town, Ballarat Light Opera Co

1776, CLOC, Rex Keane


Edith Harrhy Award for Outstanding Service to Non-Professional Music Theatre

Rex Callahan



Alexander Theatre, Monash University Clayton