The Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Inc.

Judging Procedure


The Judging year for 2017 concludes on 31 October. Shows after this date will be included in 2018 Judging year.

For your company/school to be judged by the Senior or Junior Guild Judging Panel they will need to beome a member of the Guild.

This is done by completing the application for Company Membership and paying the necessary membership fee.


Once this is completed your company/school should complete the Application for Judging as applicable to your company/school.

This should be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to opening of show or you may risk your show missing out on judging.

There are many times in the year when several productions are held at the same time.


Your company/school will receive a confirmation email from the Guild Secretary acknowledging receipt of Judging Application.

Please ensure that the most up to date details have been provided to the Guild by using Company Renewal & Details at any time there is a change of company/school contact details.


Members of the Judging Panel will make contact with Company contact or Ticket Secretary to arrange tickets to attend your production.

Each company/school will make available to each judge 2 complimentary tickets (if required) and 1 complimentary program upon attendance.

(Total Judges – Open – 5, Junior – 5)


Information for Member Companies wishing to be judged in Awards of Excellence


Junior Production

To be eligible for the Junior Production of the Year, 100% of the on-stage cast in the production must be 18 years or under as of the opening night of the production, or as at the judges’ discretion. School Judging is for Secondary schools only (Years 7 – 12).

Productions should include singing, dancing and acting.


Junior Performer – Male or Female

To be eligible for a Junior Performer Award, a cast member in either an Open or Junior production must be 18 years or under as at the opening night of the production.  Companies should state the age of any Junior Performers in an Open production in the program and Application for Judging.


Open Performers in Junior Production

This covers performers aged 19 years or over as at the first performance.