The Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Inc.

25 YEARS OF THE GUILD – 1986 – 2011


In the 1970’s the Melbourne City Council sponsored its Free Entertainment in the Parks (FEIP) programme which included recognition of the non-professional Musical Theatre, culminating in its Award Presentation taking place at the Melbourne Town Hall until, in the early 1980’s lack of finance curtailed its operation, leaving a void in this field of entertainment.

In 1986 I took up the challenge, and with the assistance of David Richards and Doug Savage, the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria was born to recognise the abundance of talent in all aspects of the non-professional Musical Theatre in a program of Awards for Excellence which was not to be seen as a competition.  It also envisaged that more co-operation would take place between the existent companies and through that cooperation an improvement would develop in all aspects of productions and give an opportunity to the myriad of people to showcase their talent which may otherwise go unnoticed.


Whilst the Guild does not claim credit for the vast improvement in productions over those years, credit can be attributed to the many dedicated people who have contributed freely their time and experience on the Judging Panel and similarly on the Committee and Seminars over all the years.


The Guild has achieved much without funding at any time and may continue to do so provided, dedicated people are prepared to believe in it and contribute their time and expertise to its principles.


Bruce McBrien OAM. Founder